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Lewis LH4 4-Piston CNC - Set

Lewis LH4 4-Piston CNC - Set

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Pre-orders ship early May. Pre-orders express for free and come with 2x bonus sets brake pads

Product description

The controversial Lewis LH4 is here.

We present a gravity brake with truly unbelievable price to performance ratio. Part of progress is making the best technology more accessible to more riders, and Lewis has absolutely smashed it out of the park.

They've made meaningful improvements to the user experience and availability of the Uber brake made by Trickstuff. What good is a product that takes two years and $1500 to get delivered to your door?

  • Ultra light lever feel for reduced fatigue
  • Great power and modulation
  • Beautiful CNC construction
  • Great adjustability
  • Mineral Oil
  • Easy to bleed
  • Lifetime Warranty

Pinkbike did a great review on the Lewis LHT Ultimate here.

Our early adopter customers are loving them.

Brakes come with:

- 1700mm and 900mm Hose

- Brake Pads

- Front and rear levers, hoses and calipers. All bled good to go. 

- Lewis 2.3mm rotors can be purchased here

For bleeding, Lewis recommends the EZMTB Pro Universal Hydraulic brake kit. We don't currently carry it but it is very easy to buy online. 

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