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TRP 2.3mm Brake Rotor for DHR EVO

TRP 2.3mm Brake Rotor for DHR EVO

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TRP's thick 2.3mm disc rotors are designed specifically for use with TRP TRP Trail EVO, DH-R EVO and E-MTB brakes only. The thicker rotors offer better heat dissipation and lateral stiffness than standard 1.8mm thick rotors and are the new rotor of choice for TRP's sponsored riders on the DH World Cup circuit such as Aaron Gwin, Brendan Fairclough, and Thomas Estaque.

The new R1 series (RS01E) rotor is stronger, reduces brake fade, and lowers vibration more than any other on the market. Say goodbye to bent and noisy rotors.

Compatibility: Compatible with TRP Trail EVO, DH-R EVO and TRP E-MTB brakes only!

Sizes:  203 and 223mm only

Includes 6x T25 Torx mounting bolts

Adaptors: You can buy brake adaptors/spacers to fit different rotor sizes here

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